hand crafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry

I am working from home still making fine silver and natural gemstone jewelry!

looking for that special piece for that online meeting? something for that dress up dinner at home? or just something to pick up your sprits I can help!

If you don't see what you want send me a conversation - I may have or be able to make for you!

I have always been interested in jewelry.

This started as a hobby but has quickly lead to the store.

My goal is to have fun and offer jewelry of quality gemstones and hand made sterling silver or gold settings at reasonable prices.

Besides selling on line I market my jewelry at numerous craft shows in Ohio throughout the year.

I do not use prefabricated settings and just add the gemstones . I hand make all the settings in my Ohio studio and none are exactly the same.

Most of the cabochon gemstones I hand cut from rough and polish myself.

A typical set of sterling silver earrings begins with silver wire , tube ,or bezel strips selected to match the gemstones and type of setting I am making.

The silver is formed to size of the stone and soldered using hard silver solder and a propane oxygen torch. Prongs are added with hard solder if setting uses prongs.

The gemstone is then checked for fit and a back of silver sheet is added using medium solder that melts at a slightly lower temperature.

Then the post is soldered on with easy solder ( lower temperature than medium). All posts are checked to insure the are firmly attached. (I stress them 25 times with a pair of pliers! This also work hardens the post)

The prong lengths are adjusted then burs are used to make a seat for the gemstones.

The gemstones are then placed in the settings and prongs are set then hand filed to round the points on the gemstones.

Then everything is hand polished using three grits and a final polishing compound on a buffer followed by hand polishing with a polish cloth.

Hope you enjoy the shop and my jewelry.

Thanks for looking!

Your feedback is always welcome.

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