genuine faceted petalite gemstone handmade sterling silver pendant necklace


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a natural faceted petalite gemstone is set in a handmade sterling silver pendant necklace

the petalite gemstone is colorless. It is 10 x 8 mm and 1.35 carats

A major source of lithium, the mineral petalite rarely occurs in gem-quality crystal form.

Faceted petalite gems and specimens are prized by gemstone and mineral collectors. Petalite's name is derived from the Greek petalos (leaf), referring to its perfect cleavage. Colorless material is common, and large crystals have been mined. Other petalite colors include white to yellow or gray, yellowish green to light green and pink. Crystals range from transparent to translucent and are prized for their good clarity. Faceted gems aren't often seen due to petalite's cleavage plan

I got this stone at a very good price - but was not sure what petalite was until I researched it. I found faceted gemstones of petalite listed on the internet starting around $240.0. They were a little larger than this stone but this may be a good deal at my price.

the 1.4 mm sterling silver chain is 20 inches

Comes with black velvet gift box

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